Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Tomorrow's results could be mixed. If Labour is successful, which Labour will that be - Corbyn's, or Blair's?

Corbyn rightly "rails against" spending cuts (see LabourList article HERE) but Labour councils up and down the country are meekly implementing these very same Tory cuts to vital jobs and services!

That's why, to the extent we are able, TUSC is standing against ANY councillor who is not prepared to vote against cuts. Councillors have a choice in the council chamber. Labour councillors should start exercising that choice.

At the moment, they are not.

Momentum has much work to do if the "slow coup" against Corbyn is to be halted. They have much work to do if Blair's Labour is to become Corbyn's - a fighting party for working people.

Successes tomorrow will be presented by the yellow press as successes for Labour's "moderate" (read sub-Tory) Labour councillors. Khan's victory, given that he is hostile to most of what Corbyn stands for, will be presented in precisely that way.

Setbacks, needless to say, will be blamed squarely on Corbyn and Momentum.

This is not to be lamented. It is to be combatted! Not with retreats and compromises, but with a powerful socialist programme designed to do as much for working people, as the Tories' programme has done for the richest!