Saturday, 21 November 2015


He is doing a great disservice to Muslims, and to all workers!
He is lecturing muslim people that they must “wake up to extremism”.
Is he suggesting that they are less aware of the issues than other people? Are they somehow more to blame for what is happening than non-muslims?
Muslims, and non-muslims, are being killed in large numbers by both terrorist bombs AND western governments’ air raids. Around 250,000 people have been killed in Syria alone since the civil war began there. And 6 million people have been made homeless.
He says (according to the press) that muslim people are not tackling “extremist ideas in their midst”. Is he suggesting that their is a wider tolerance of “extremist ideas” amongst muslims and, in ways not spelled out, this is somehow contributing to terrorism?
It suggests he believes that the total devastation of much of the middle east has nothing to do with terrorism!
Unwittingly (to be generous), he is making his own contribution to anti-muslim racist demagogy; echoed and encouraged by the yellow press. But he wants to be elected, so he leans into to the prevailing, poisoned winds.
There is a message that can be read into this, that the failure of muslims to “police their own people" is somehow contributing to the crisis.
Does he not realise that he is lining himself up with the very worst of the “collective punishment” ideologues?
Collective punishment is hardly new. For example, when the French Resistance attacked the Nazi occupiers of their country, in WW2, the Nazis would collectively punish the whole town or village - pour le découragement des autres
Although he says otherwise, the inescapable logic of his line of reasoning is that some of the blame for the latest outrages lies at the door of ordinary muslim people! This is despicable. It is scapegoating of the worst kind!
Momentum and Corbyn supporters must not allow themselves to be transformed into a “left cover” for the likes of Khan. These Tory subalterns must be challenged. They have no part to play in the Labour movement. They should go.

Friday, 20 November 2015


Our heartfelt solidarity goes out to the families and friends of the people killed in Paris by the ultra-right-wing ISIS terrorists. They are cowardly murderers. The consequences of their acts will be dreadful, not only for those directly affected, but also on a much wider front.

Some effects will be felt right here in Sutton and Croydon!

Our opposition to terrorism, as socialists and trade unionists, has reasons additional to the natural human revulsion at the killing of innocents.

The fearful works of terrorists helps set communities against each other; with the help of the yellow corporate press, attempts will be made to stigmatise all muslim people. The consequences for the people of Syria and elsewhere will be similarly horrifying.

Socialism however stands foursquare for unity and solidarity between ALL working people.
Terrorist acts will boost right-wing arguments for strengthening state repression, state snooping, clamp downs and restrictions on immigrants and ethnic minorities. Muslim working people will feel the worst of the consequences of Paris, but all workers will suffer.

For example Irish people were stigmatised by the press for the activities of the IRA during the “troubles”.

Similarly, “Germans" were held responsible for what the Nazis did during World War 2 - even though millions of German people in Socialist and Communist parties, and trade unions, fought tooth and nail to defeat Hitler during the 1920s and 30s.

The terrorist acts in Paris will be a gift for every spittle-flecked ranting demagog.

Those calling for more bombing and military interventions have had their hand strengthened. But of course, that may be exactly what isis wants! (As we write additional bombers are doing their work. And many more innocents will be blasted to pieces).

The leaders of the Labour movement must respond loudly and with an independent voice. We cannot allow the corporate media, the reactionaries and the war mongers to make the running.

Jeremy Corbyn is taking flack simply because he has suggested that we should expose who is financing ISIS and selling it weapons etc. Shamefully some Labour MPs have joined the establishment it attacking him. But he is surely right to pose these vital issues!

Unless we intervene, the only winners in these escalating conflicts and wars will be arms dealers!
EVERY worker has a vital stake in the unity and solidarity of working people. Only united workers and youth can defeat terrorism and reaction and rid the world of the conditions that create poverty, injustice, violence and war.

No to Terrorism!

No to wars of intervention!

Friday, 6 November 2015


What has to change if Momentum is to succeed?

Following Corbyn’s campaign, thousands of enthused activists want to know how they can participate effectively in left politics; how they can stop the Tories shifting the economic burden onto working people, whilst Tory grandees and their backers accumulate £ Billions.

Will Labour be part of the answer? TUSC will be very happy if it is. But there’s work to be done.

It's early days yet, admittedly. Nonetheless, at present the Labour Party remains solidly Blairite. The vast majority of MPs are austerity apologists; the Party’s constitution is undemocratic; Labour councils up and down the country are mostly Tory subalterns.

You think that’s not true?

A few months ago parents near Woodside Fire Station, just north of Addiscombe, formally petitioned the council. They called on the council to re-instate a lollipop lady to help ensure the safety of children crossing the road.

This was the Council’s response, (Council Report of 19th Oct. Our emphases - in caps).

"We recognise the commitment of School Crossing Patrol Officers across the borough and how highly they are valued by local parents.


… There is no statutory requirement for a Council to have any School Crossing Patrol Officers and it is the responsibility of every parent to ensure that their child travels safely to and from school, accompanied as necessary. ...



This example is replicated a thousand times in “Labour” councils up and down the country! No red flag, just a white one!

We agree with Nadine Houghton from Momentum (HERE) who said that, "Momentum may hold the key to unlocking the possibilities that this new era of politics represents”.

It may indeed. But Momentum must be more than an uncritical Labour cheerleader. It cannot ignore who the MPs are; who the Labour councillors are; what Labour’s Tory-lite policies might be - and still formally are!

This must change. Otherwise a Labour victory in 2020 will be a sham.