Saturday, 21 November 2015


He is doing a great disservice to Muslims, and to all workers!
He is lecturing muslim people that they must “wake up to extremism”.
Is he suggesting that they are less aware of the issues than other people? Are they somehow more to blame for what is happening than non-muslims?
Muslims, and non-muslims, are being killed in large numbers by both terrorist bombs AND western governments’ air raids. Around 250,000 people have been killed in Syria alone since the civil war began there. And 6 million people have been made homeless.
He says (according to the press) that muslim people are not tackling “extremist ideas in their midst”. Is he suggesting that their is a wider tolerance of “extremist ideas” amongst muslims and, in ways not spelled out, this is somehow contributing to terrorism?
It suggests he believes that the total devastation of much of the middle east has nothing to do with terrorism!
Unwittingly (to be generous), he is making his own contribution to anti-muslim racist demagogy; echoed and encouraged by the yellow press. But he wants to be elected, so he leans into to the prevailing, poisoned winds.
There is a message that can be read into this, that the failure of muslims to “police their own people" is somehow contributing to the crisis.
Does he not realise that he is lining himself up with the very worst of the “collective punishment” ideologues?
Collective punishment is hardly new. For example, when the French Resistance attacked the Nazi occupiers of their country, in WW2, the Nazis would collectively punish the whole town or village - pour le découragement des autres
Although he says otherwise, the inescapable logic of his line of reasoning is that some of the blame for the latest outrages lies at the door of ordinary muslim people! This is despicable. It is scapegoating of the worst kind!
Momentum and Corbyn supporters must not allow themselves to be transformed into a “left cover” for the likes of Khan. These Tory subalterns must be challenged. They have no part to play in the Labour movement. They should go.

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