Monday, 27 October 2014

Steve Reed's Radical Plans for Croydon!

Steve Reed OBE and wannabe "Labour" MP Sarah Jones, have suggested that the rail fare zones in Croydon should be re-drawn, to make fares cheaper for Croydon travellers.

We have issued a press notice.

“The commuter fares proposals from MP Steve Reed (OBE) and Sarah Jones will surely be seen by the residents of Croydon for what they are, an electioneering stunt”, said Glen Hart, TUSC Prospective Candidate for Croydon North.

He went on to say, “But what a poor stunt! They are fiddling whilst Rome burns! 

I would support any reforms that would benefit the lives of working people, and would support this idea too, were it not for its feebleness and opportunism. It will not be carried out. And then Jones and Reed, in best yah-booh political style, will blame Boris Johnson.

Furthermore, in the extremely unlikely event that the proposals were implemented, I suspect that Boris Johnson would simply rob Peter to pay Paul - by re-drawing the zone boundaries elsewhere so as to recoup the cost! This would set Londoner against Londoner.

In fact, of course, “One Nation Labour” themselves were just as responsible as the Tories for implementing the so-called “Public Private Partnership” arrangements into public services. In the running of the London Underground, for example, PPP has added very many £millions to the cost and complexity of managing the now fragmented Tube. 

The bundle of Tube contracts runs to 28,000 pages! Croydon commuters, like those all over London, are bearing the extra cost. 

The real solution to keeping fares down is to re-nationalise and re-unify the railways and run the industry as an efficient service for the public. The private railways receive massive subsidies from the taxpayer. Last year they received no less than £4 billion. 

To put this figure in context, the BBC reported in June that the NHS faced a “funding gap of £2 billion”."

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