Monday, 24 November 2014


It's a sign of how far New Labour have fallen, that Clive Efford’s National Health Service (Amended Duties and Powers) Bill caused so much dancing in the streets - by New Labour MPs and Labour-friendly journalists. This Bill has just passed a second reading in Parliament by 241 votes to 18.

Where were the rest of the 650 MPs? It is quite likely that the Tories stayed away due to the by-election in Rochester & Strood.

But New Labour is in a double-bind. If this Bill eventually became an Act, that could only happen with the support of the Tories. That in turn would suggest the Bill is an empty piece of pre-election spin destined for the shredder.

However, if the Bill is blocked, that could suggest it really does contain something worthwhile. But in which case, why seek to repeal just a few paltry parts of the Tory's 2012 Act? Why not call for the repeal the whole Act?!

The fact is, this weaselly Bill is a stunt. And a poor one at that!

Will this Bill, for example, stop the private contracts worth £9 billion - due to be let to the likes of Virgin, Bupa, and possibly even arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin!? (See here for details of that).

If it WOULD do that, why isn’t “Labour” shouting this from the rooftops?

Is it because New Labour itself is not actually against the private provision of health services?

Is it because New Labour itself, by 2009, had implemented nearly 150 PFI contracts in the NHS?

"One Nation Labour" is starting its election campaign by desperately trying to sound like a Left party. It wants the support of trade union top bureaucrats, who will try influencing their members on the strength of these stunts. The growing emergence of TUSC’s electoral (and industrial) challenge is undoubtedly connected with New Labour's “let's look left” strategy.

But New Labour is a fraud! And we will expose that fraud every inch of the way from here to next May! Watch this space!

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