Monday, 15 December 2014


Your TUSC candidate, Glen Hart, publishes his manifesto! You can see the full document here.

Please share with friends and family - as widely as possible! 

This is the Manifesto’s opening statement -

Glen Hart, the TUSC candidate for Croydon North, has lived all his life in Thornton Heath. He is an active trade unionist in the Rail and Maritime Trades Union (RMT), and currently is a station supervisor. Glen is married with 3 children

He is a socialist. One of his earliest political recollections is participating in the demonstrations against the Tories’ hated Poll Tax in the early 1990s.  “I am standing for TUSC”, he says, "because I want to give the people of North Croydon a real choice. The careerist mainstream candidates offer the same diet of austerity, and cuts in public services. If elected, I will be a workers’ MP on a workers’ wage. I will not take the fat salary and lavish expenses and benefits - I will stay in touch with my constituents!"

The Manifesto covers in more detail Glen’s top ten priorities. These are the headings -

1. Tackling Low Pay and the Cost of Living
2. Real Jobs, Real Work
3. The Local Community - Fighting Racism
4. Tackling the Housing Crisis
5. No to Privatisation: Yes to Public Services
6. Progressive Taxation
7. Defend the NHS - Health before Wealth!
8. Free Education for ALL
9. Protecting the Environment
10. Clean Politics

In due course this Manifesto will comprise the main content of the document that will be posted into everyone’s home in Croydon North, nearer the election. But we wanted to get the message out now.

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