Thursday, 5 February 2015


There are, about 6,000 households in Croydon North living in “fuel poverty” - that’s about 11% of them. And 6,000 households could mean around 25,000 people - including children and older residents.

But “Fuel poverty" is just another, less upsetting way of saying that these families cannot afford to pay their fuel bills - suggesting in turn that they are having to choose between heating and buying other vital things - such as food and clothing!

One Nation Labour Steve Reed to the rescue, you might think.

He spoke in Parliament, in January, saying that, "the gap between their bills and what they can afford has grown to nearly £500”. He rightly drew attention to the thousands of people in his constituency who must be freezing at this time of year. He went on to say that, "nothing less than a price freeze and action to stop these companies overcharging again in the future will do”.

Has the honourable member thought this policy through?

A price freeze and the prevention of over-pricing will mean that those 6,000 households WILL CONTINUE TO BE UNABLE TO PAY THEIR BILLS! Prices are already much too high! Freezing those prices and preventing over-charging in the future is a SHOCKINGLY INADEQUATE response by New Labour!

This pathetic proposal to tackle an urgent issue of serious poverty is just one reason (of many) why TUSC exists - and why we will stretch every sinew to be rid of these “Labour” careerists - not only here in Croydon, but also in 100 other constituencies (maybe more) around the country.


They would be run as a PUBLIC SERVICE. And as such, would be run much more efficiently and cheaply - meaning NOT a freeze in already very expensive bills, but meaning instead A SUBSTANTIAL AND PERMANENT REDUCTION IN ENERGY BILLS!

That’s the kind of response we need from a party that represents working people.

And that is the response we’ll get from TUSC!

The man at the top of this column is our man for Croydon North. VOTE HART!

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