Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Desperate for votes, the Chancellor is selling this budget as a little relief from the endless austerity he has offered so far. Austerity for some, that is. Certainly not him we suspect.

The coalition continues banging the austerity drum, promising £30 billion of cuts, including £12 billion from welfare.

Osborne says austerity is working but the queues at food banks and pay day lenders tell a different story.

For this millionaire government and its friends, things may indeed be improving; but for most young people, workers and their families, they are facing a Dickensian future of uncertainty and penury.

George Osborne says wages have started to increase but only if you include bankers’ bonuses in the figures!!

In fact they are still lower than they were before the ‘Great Recession’ – and for young people a massive 12.5% lower. A 20p an hour increase in the minimum wage is not even a drop in the ocean.

TUSC campaigns for an immediate £10 an hour minimum wage for all - and no exemptions.

No one will be surprised by this budget; but where is the opposition?

Labour also promises austerity! When Osborne put to Parliament his plans for £30 billion worth of cuts under the next government -  only five Labour MPs voted against it!  FIVE!

It is time to take a stand. That is why TUSC has attracted a record number of anti-austerity candidates in the elections on 7 May 2015 - 120, and counting!

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