Tuesday, 21 April 2015

   - asked Croydon’s “business leaders” last Friday.

Reported in the Advertiser, the two “main candidates" gave  (judging by the report) an deeply underwhelming performance!

In relation to the so-called Business Improvement District, both tweedledum and tweedledee said they would - wait for it - contact the minister about, and would seek to ensure that “disruption is minimised”. Blimey!

Barwell drew attention to a profound insight. “You don’t solve unemployment by giving things away”, he said.

A moment previously, though, he had said he WAS going to give things away - but to corporations, so that’s different. This giveaway was in the form of further reductions in corporation tax.

Sarah Jones from New Labour (or is it One Nation Labour?) said she would like an extra 100 police officers - but said there was no funding for that.

Other issues raised were things like better parking and better “marketing” to encourage visitors.

What an utter lack of vision and ambition for Croydon! Tuppence here, a penny there; and a word in the minister’s ear.

For policies that WILL begin to transform the lives of Croydon people (and beyond) you will have to look elsewhere. See HERE!


Cameron tells it as it is… “Because of the damage done in the financial crash, the banks were no longer lending 90, 95% loan-to-value mortgages. Because the banks weren't lending, the buyers wouldn't buy, so the builders wouldn't build, and the market was stuck.”

Cameron’s view? “Very unfair”.

TUSC’s view? If the banks won’t loan money take them into national ownership and run them as a public service. If builders won’t build, they too should be taken into public ownership. If the market’s “stuck”, lets get rid of the market!


Planning permission has been granted for around 400,000 houses across the UK - where builders have still not started work. These include sites in Sutton – Victoria House, High Street – and Croydon - which has almost 4,000 potential homes not yet built.

In 2013, New Labour promised to confiscate developers’ land that was laying idle. Remember Miliband’s - “Use it or lose it”?  We’ve not heard much of that since!

TUSC would nationalise building land, so that the benefits of planning permission would come to the nation, not the landowner. We would nationalise building companies who are refusing to build.

And we would nationalise banks and Building Societies who won’t lend the money needed to enable people to buy homes. Moreover we’d require Councils to build homes, to make homelessness a thing of the past.

As more homes were built, prices and rent levels would fall, making homes more affordable for all.

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