Sunday, 14 June 2015


12 Noon 


We have been out on the streets supporting this demo. 

We quickly produced 1,000 leaflets which were eagerly taken up by people in Croydon.

The main text of the leaflet is below. See the leaflet HERE.

"We support this national demo initiated by The People’s Assembly & supported by unions and other organisations.

With barely a quarter of the vote of the electorate, the Tory government has no mandate to impose further cuts in living standards, cuts in vital public services and benefits!

Labour failed to challenge the previous government. Their policies failed to win the votes of workers. Labour offered a pale imitation of Tory policies!

So we now have another pro-rich, pro-big business government!

Trade Unions must urgently take a strong lead to organise the fight back. With over 6 million members (and growing) they are a massive potential force!

Unless the Tories are stopped, we will face 5 more years of cuts in services, benefits, jobs and wages.

Labour now offers precious little for workers. TUSC, with other like-minded people, must therefore continue building a strong working class political voice."

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