Thursday, 23 July 2015



The leadership election in the Labour Party is again bringing to the foreground the importance of building a socialist political voice for working people.

That, in essence, is the basic platform of Jeremy Corbyn - and polls have suggested he is now a front runner.

Much enthusiasm is, understandably, being generated.

But for it to be truly meaningful, a “rejuvenated” Labour Party would need to go hand-in-hand  with bold, democratic socialist policies; aimed squarely at delivering real and lasting benefits for  workers - combatting head on the propaganda of big business capitalism.

It would, to paraphrase an old Labour Party manifesto, seek plainly to tilt the balance of power in society decisively in favour of working people and their families.

Whether the “renewal” process is successful remains to be seen. The forces of the right - supported enthusiastically by the corporate media and the numerous establishment toadies within the labour movement - are seeking to make sure that any leftward move is halted.

Even master toady, Blair, (for it is he) has been wheeled out to offer his vacuous tuppence-worth.

It would certainly transform the political scene in the UK (and beyond) if Corbyn was elected and he set out in this direction - with the enthusiastic help of socialists inside and (perhaps more importantly) outside Labour.

Given the steady degeneration of New Labour since the 1990s, we remain somewhat sceptical about what he can achieve, however. Nonetheless we wish Jeremy the best of luck.

In the meantime we cannot rely on that process entirely. We must build TUSC as a bulwark of the socialist left, and a growing powerful voice for working class (and middle class) people.

A new local TUSC leaflet is available for general distribution purposes. You can see it if you click - HERE.

Please contact us if you need a wad of them. Use them at meetings, your workplace, family and friends, special events - or simply stand outside a railway station and hand them out! ;-)

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