Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Corbyn “revolution” has severely shaken the Establishment and continues to do so. It is a joy to watch!

But work is well underway now to undermine and discredit his leadership and what he stands for - and to discourage, and demoralise the hundreds of thousands of new Labour Party members.

The  jobs-worths and the Establishment’s little helpers in the Party and in the wider labour movement are busily working away seeking to sabotage Corbyn’s agenda. They want a Party where the membership is merely a passive and obedient audience! - as it was in Blair's day...

Already, according to the Financial Times, a key socialist policy has been abandoned - the re-nationalisation of the money-grubbing energy companies. They, you may recall, nearly had a collective heart attack not long ago when Miliband (remember him?) had the gall to suggest that energy prices might be frozen for a while!

According to the FT (29th Sept), - Lisa Nandy, the shadow energy secretary, dropped the plans during her speech to the Labour conference in Brighton. “Jeremy and I don’t want to nationalise energy,” she said. “We want to do something far more radical. We want to democratise it.”

How thoroughly fatuous. How on earth can these companies be “democratised” whilst they are privately owned by the faceless equivalents of Harold Wilson’s "Gnomes of Z├╝rich”!

Re-nationalisation of the rapacious utilities is a massively popular policy amongst voters - as poll after poll has consistently shown. For good reason. Nationalisation would be vastly more efficient in its use of resources - and a socially owned energy sector could be run as a public service - resulting in smaller (and simpler) energy bills!

Why must pensioners and poorer families be worried about turning on the heat during winter?

But this policy has been abandoned! Already!

This is why the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition will not give an easy ride to right-wing Labour MPs and those similarly bloodless and cynical Labour councillors up and down the country!

As was agreed at the successful TUSC National Conference last weekend, insofar as we are able, we will continue to stand against all Labour candidates who are not with Corbyn; who are not prepared to fight for the people they are supposed to represent. They will not be given a free ride.

In the shape of thousands of new Labour Party members, Corbyn’s agenda has many friends inside the Labour Party. And his agenda has many friends outside the Party too. Those friends are in the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition!

The Labour Party, at last, has a chance not only of becoming a “nice” party, but also of becoming a fighting party - a party supporting working people struggling for a better life.

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