Thursday, 10 December 2015


Excellent solidarity demo for Glen Hart yesterday at Clapham Common Tube! (See photos below).

It's a scandal that Glen is being attacked by London Underground management - but it's a great and lasting credit to his union, the RMT, who are backing him so consistently. Glen is an excellent trade unionist who loves his work.

London Underground would show themselves in much better light if they abandoned their vindictive (and totally unsupportable) action against Glen.

LU’s case against Glen is totally unsupportable and without foundation. However, until they see sense, union and political pressure on them will surely grow.

Good news comes from an excellent Croydon Momentum meeting on Tuesday evening. Friendly and inclusive, the initial discussions are now underway to support and defend Corbyn’s Labour Party.

An underlying theme of all contributions was the need to positively present Corbyn’s policies and what he is trying to achieve. There will be no truck with the campaign of Labour's right-wing - largely sustained through the press because they have so little support on the ground.

A top issue was, needless to say, the Syrian bombing campaign, shamefully supported by 66 Labour MPs. Steve Reed's astonishing decision to ABSTAIN on the bombing campaign vote was discussed. His non-vote followed, as we understand it, a mysterious questionnaire he emailed to constituents - the results of which have not been revealed.

Also covered was the coming budgeting meetings of Croydon’s right-wing Labour council. The Council's policies will increasingly be challenged and key council meetings will be lobbied - and more so as we approach council elections in 2018.

Work will be done on this in conjunction with Croydon Assembly (an initiative of Croydon Trades Council).

All those in attendance, which included Labour Party members, TUSC supporters and others, will be building the fightback for a Labour Party worthy of the name.

Future meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of each month.

Meanwhile, ex-Labour MPs like Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling further expand their bank balances by finding work respectively with Pimco (a global investment firm) and Morgan Stanley (a global investment bank).

No picket lines for them! Who are the REAL "entryists" into the Labour Party?

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