Tuesday, 22 July 2014

National Shop Stewards Network Report following 10th July Strikes

The tremendous 10th July public sector has changed the mood music. All of a sudden it is the government desperately re-arranging the deck chairs on its Titanic with its latest re-shuffle. 

As the NSSN predicted, if the unions give workers a lead, they will respond. Not only that, the action was overwhelmingly popular as all those who have suffered from these cruel cuts were delighted to support someone standing up for them. This is particularly the case as Labour shamefully refused to support the strike.

But it was clear on July 10 that workers realise that to win, we need the action to continue and escalate. Therefore, we welcome Unison announcing its intention to strike again – for 2 days – in September. These dates need coordinating with the other local government unions, the teaching unions and others to ensure the maximum effect.  …

As John McInally, PCS Vice-president urged on the Bristol strike rally, “No more excuses, no more unions taking action on their own. Everyone knows how we can defeat the pay freeze and austerity too – by joint coordinated action across the public sector.” …

The victories by workers in the private sector over the last few days in Hackney and on Tyneside show yet again that there is no division between the public and private sectors. Private sector workers don’t live in a bubble but are the husbands, wives, children and friends of those in the public sector. We all face the same issues of low pay and zero-hour contracts etc and would respond to any call for mass action.

Every speaker on J10 agreed that it was a great day but only the start. Now is the time to confirm the next strike dates and build a campaign to make the next action bigger, broader and better …

The NSSN conference on July 5th agreed that the Network will hold a public rally at this year’s TUC Congress in Liverpool to lobby delegates to keep up the pressure for further co-ordinated strikes.

> 2pm, Sunday September 7th in Jury’s Hotel opposite Echo Arena conference centre in Albert Dock. 

Whether you’re a delegate or not, come along and help us keep up the pressure!

NSSN Website > www.shopstewards.net

PS. We notice we have visitors to this blog from the US, Alaska and Germany. Welcome!

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