Monday, 14 July 2014

Second Successful Sutton Croydon TUSC Meeting!

We met on 9th July. We reviewed progress and planned work for the next period. We now have an excellent, large banner. We have produced 2,000 leaflets, the text of which, if you haven’t seen it already, is available HERE. We leafleted Croydon town centre on Friday 4th and got a very good response from most people. If you want some leaflets, let us know at the email below.

We resolved that each of us would play our role attending picket lines and the main strike rally on 10th July in London. We put a strike support message here on this page, with paid targeting on Croydon and Sutton. It reached nearly 5,000 people and provoked a lively response - overwhelmingly favourable.

One of the key issues we agreed was to prepare a petition campaign for lobbying Croydon and Sutton councils. It will be used at street leafleting events and will also be put online and circulated to trade union branches, etc. This will be a central part of our effort to raise our political profile in preparation for electoral work, especially for when by-elections are held. It is likely to focus on low wages and the shortage of affordable housing - whether for rent or buy.

It is essential that councillors are held to account, and not permitted the luxury of quietly drawing their expenses, attending business lunches and soirĂ©es whilst achieving precisely nothing measurable for residents of the boroughs! 

We agreed to set up a Twitter account. We also agreed that appropriate agitational statistics should regularly appear on our Facebook page

We are planning very soon to start lobbying council meetings. Watch this space!

Our next two meetings will be held on the Wednesdays of 13th August, and 10th September. The first of these will have as its main discussion - “Where next after the 10th July strikes?”.  If you would like to come along, please email us at for details.

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