Saturday, 26 July 2014

UKIP - friends of the people...

The Lords of Haw Haw are a mainstay of UKIP. We want to keep them and the rest of their party out of Croydon and Sutton. We will expose them here, over time. We will explain what they stand for and why their policies serve only the interests of the have yachts. 

Below, is a short description of UKIP’s three current members of the House of Lords. The anti-establishment, “friends of the British people”! There is a fuller article HERE.

The three UKIP Lords are -

1. Lord Leopold David Verney, 21st Baron Willoughby de Broke was educated at Le Rosey in Switzerland and at Oxford. He was a Tory until 2007.

2. Baron Pearson of Rannoch - previously an “Independent”. Pearson was leader of UKIP before Farage. He made his millions in international insurance. He was appointed to the House of Lords in 1990 by Thatcher. A journalist noted that Pearson had stood for election only once in his life - and that was for a prefect “job” at Eton. He has Scottish estates and dines at Whites. He managed to avoid tax expenses of £275,000 on the sale of one of his estates a few years ago, which went for a very reasonable £3.7 million...

3. Baron Stevens of Ludgate. Previously a Tory. Created a life peer under Thatcher. Long time chairman of a media conglomerate (headquartered in Ludgate) which used to own the Daily Express newspaper, until it was sold to pornographer Richard (Dirty) Desmond.

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