Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Because, presumably, they don’t know, Croydon’s New Labour council has set up an “Opportunity and Fairness Commission” to help them find out how to make Croydon a better and fairer place.

And because, presumably, he does know (or knows more, at least) they’ve asked the Bishop of Croydon to chair it. The commission (see below) will report in a year’s time.

What a sad reflection on Britain’s once mighty Labour Party that it is reduced to asking a Bishop and a commission how they might go about improving the lives of the people of the borough!.

If the Council’s New Labour members were interested, they might have a look at some of the posts on this page. Just a few posts below, for example, is Labour's Manifesto from the year 1900. They (or the commission even) might start there!

It is in this way that New Labour is itself part of the problem. The problem it asks the Bishop to help them with.

Last summer, for instance, at New Labour’s so-called National Policy Forum, a proposal managed to get tabled that called for Labour, if elected, to end the government’s austerity spending plans. It was heavily defeated!

Labour recently voted with the government on a further £3 billion of expenditure cuts.

Labour says we must spend $100 billion on renewing the Trident nuclear missile programme. (This amount is very nearly the annual budget of the NHS!)

Labour competes with the Tories on how it will do better than them in balancing the budget through more “targeted" cuts.

Senior Labour officials (including, to their eternal shame, some union officials too) are at the Davos World Economic Forum. Here in the beautiful Swiss resort, cap in hand, they ask the richest people in the world to allow a few more crumbs to drop from their table!

According to Oxfam, the richest 1% of the world’s population owns 50% of its wealth.

No doubt the council’s “Labour” members will lament - "we are constrained by by law and by government policies to implement austerity!"

No. They are constrained by their lack of spine, their lack of policies, and their lack of socialism!

If they can’t do anything, they should stand aside.

Perhaps that is what the commission will recommend!

Have a look at it here

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