Sunday, 25 January 2015

- A Big Boost to the election campaign!

Supporters attending the national TUSC conference on Saturday (24th Jan) in London had a great and inspiring day listening to national TUSC speakers and local supporters from across the UK.

The theatre at the University of London’s "Student Central" was full to bursting not only with people, but also with enthusiasm and determination to change politics in the UK by offering workers and youth a real political choice - that of voting in May for an anti-austerity, democratic socialist party!

Reflecting the solidly working class and trade union foundations of TUSC, the main opening speakers were from the RMT, the POA (the prison officers union), PCS (civil and public servants) and the NUT (teachers union).

Other leading speakers were rebel councillors  from places such a Southampton, Hull, and Leicester - most of whom were ex-Labour councillors who could no longer stand the hypocrisy and betrayal of the “One Nation Labour” leadership.

They could not stand by whilst so-called Labour councils implemented, “reluctantly”, the cuts, closures and redundancies demanded of them by the Tory-Liberal Government. And often, it has to be said, with the help of the Green Party! (acting equally reluctantly, no doubt).

The numerous speakers from the floor of the conference included many individuals who were (or are soon to become) prospective candidates, either for Parliament or for local councils across the UK.

These speakers - bursting with energy and enthusiasm - were socialists from trade unions, the Socialist Party, the Socialist Workers Party, community and campaigning groups, and individual socialists.

All determined and united in the overriding aim of making sure working people will have a loud and enduring (and growing) voice at the coming elections!

Dave Nellist (TUSC national chair, and himself an ex-Labour MP) and Clive Heemskerk (national secretary) announced that we are well on the way towards achieving our target of 100 parliamentary candidates and 1,000 local government candidates. This will be the biggest socialist challenge to Labour for generations!

TUSC is not going away! Join us!

Could YOU be a candidate?

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