Friday, 9 January 2015


We offer our total solidarity and heartfelt deep sympathy to the families, friends and co-workers of all those killed in Paris by what appears to have been reactionary Islamic terrorists. We condemn outright the actions of the cowardly assassins who have killed trade unionists and working people.

Not only have innocent people been murdered, the dreadful actions of these terrorists will be seized upon by the most oppressive of the right wing forces in France and elsewhere. Over the coming period, they will try to use these awful events to further divide working people against each other and advance their own reactionary and hate-filled agenda.

In our marvellous, multi-cultural Croydon, we will allow neither terrorists nor right-wing forces of any kind to divide us or divert us from our work of building a society of tolerance, justice, and respect for all.

A society with no fear, with no war, with no poverty! A democratic socialist society!

No to terrorism!
No to war and foreign interventions!
No to racism!

Yes to solidarity!
Yes to peace and justice!
Yes to Socialism!

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